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CALL for ENTRIES: TailCast

2011 January 16

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I typically only post once per day.  Any more smacks of double-dipping of your time and inbox space.  I get notified everytime someone unsubscribes from this blog, and I am sincerely sorry when I found out that an artist has decided that AAAD isn’t something they want or need or have time for.  So, I am self-conscious about double-dipping… except in ice cream, of course.

So why double-dip today?  Well, I am also self-conscious about straying too far from bringing you the art deadlines and opportunities that are the whole purpose of this blog.  Last Monday I posted a housekeeping blog, earlier this morning I posted the Artist of the Year blog, and tommorrow I unveil the first Featured Artist of 2011.  That is three non-deadline posts in 8 days.  I just have to break it up with a little opportunity!

Check out this Art Contest from, a print-on-demand greeting card site, that allows you to design and sell a Valentine’s day card online.  There is no entry fee, and you could win $300+ and 20% commission on card sales.  Take a look!

Design for TailCast

Visit for complete details!What are butterflies?  Some people say they’re fluttering insects with pretty wings, others that its the feeling you get when you’re nervous or in LOVE… And what about goose bumps? Do you really only get them when you’re cold or can a secret whisper in your ear bring them on too? Is there such thing as a sexy chuckle, a secret grin or a flirty giggle?

Can you make them
happen with a card?


This is the challenge for you at tailcast. This time tailcast want designs to give butterflies or goose bumps and make recipients chuckle, giggle and grin knowingly on Valentine’s day.

DEADLINE:  January 29, 2011


HOW TO ENTER:  Design a card (using all 4 sides of the card)Upload your design using the full instructions found on their Call for Art pages. 

Don’t forget, readymade designs are created with personalization in mind, think about what can be done with the customers’ images and messages/text, within your design.  Click here for some inspiration, but don’t let that stop you doing something completely different.

For complete guidelines, visit!

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