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2010 ARTIST of the YEAR: Catherine Roach

2011 January 16
by R.L. Gibson

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Today marks a New Year for! I think it fits nicely between the traditionally recognized New Year Celebration (December 31st), and I love Chinese New Year (February 3rd this year)!  Of course, I always appreciate an excuse to eat Chinese food.

This is the day we name the
Artist of the Year for 2010.


When this blog began in September of 2009, I was determined to cover not only art deadlines but also really good art.  And, I chose a few artists here and there.  I quickly realized that the Featured Artist program needed structure, or it would never really get done on any sort of regular basis.  The $2 Art Contest was born.

Am in the Sea by Catherine RoachBy the end of the year, I began to realize that the Featured Artist Page was getting crowded and adding more artists would lessen the impact of being Featured.  I knew I had to start archiving artists by the year.  And the idea of the Artist of the Year was born.  I gave all of the Featured Artists notice that on January 15th at midnight EST, the Artist of the Year would be determined by the number of comments on their individual Featured Artist blog posts.

Right out of the gate, three artists’ fans came out strong: James Melcher, Amy Kollar Anderson and Catherine Roach.  And after a month of voting, the final count was very close… only 12 votes separated Anderson and Roach.

Catherine RoachCongratulations to
Catherine Roach
AAAD’s 2010 Artist of the Year

I have enjoyed watching her expand her horizons this year.  It feels to me like she grew along with AAAD.  Catherine graduated from New England Institue of Art, moved, started a music blog and began her job as a Graphic Designer at Grouper Design and has continued to produce amazing work.

Get to know Catherine Roach:

Do you want to be the 2011 Artist of the Year?
It all starts with the $2 Art Contest.

Stay tuned tomorrw as we unveil 2011’s first Featured Artist
as well as changes to the 2010 Featured Artist Page!

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