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FEATURED ARTIST: Catherine Roach

2009 December 6

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Click here to see all the work of Catherine Roach!I have a treat for you today…

the work of Catherine Roach.

I love art.  My home and office are filled to the brim with the work of artists that I love.  And, while I have a significant appreciation for the talent it takes to produce realism, I prefer not to own it.

I want the artwork I own to inspire me to dream of what can be, not what already is.  Admittedly, that is my personal choice.

I am a fan of modern Romanticism in art and artists.  I own work that leads with the heart and confronts it in a cerebral way.  I like the idea of the gifted hero following inspired creativity and knowledge to produce genuinely special work that defies norms and expectations.

The work of Catherine Roach took me by surprise.

...and that's when I knew I was a goner.

I researched every piece of her work that I could find electronically.  By the time I had viewed it all, I felt like I had an intimate experience.

Roach’s work makes me sad a little, but I find myself smiling at the wit with which it is packaged.  I am aesthetically drawn to Roach’s frenzied sense of composition and use of color and then smacked by its raw, personal commentary.

The early worm gets gotten.

When I asked about her process, it all became a little clearer. Roach says, “I begin a piece by reading over the scribbled down sea of words from that day, and placing images for these statements in my head at first, jotting down ideas as I go. I work rapidly without restraint, not holding anything back, to some extent of a free write. I use a large variety of media when creating, from pens to watercolor, and acrylic to digital. Knowing I don’t ever have a limit, creating for myself and no one else is what drives me to a finish.”

Don't you feel trapped?

Learn How to Cook!I often ask artists what their favorite food is because I’m a foodie…and I am nosey that way.  This is a food-themed art blog–loosely speaking, but I rarely publish artists’ answers.

This time, I have to expose Catherine for what she is…a goldfish eater.  The comfort of cheese all wrapped up in a glowing, albeit tiny, smiling package.  Very telling, Ms. Roach, very telling.

...move on by Featured Artist Catherine Roach!

Catherine Roach is currently attending The New England Art Institute in Boston for Graphic Design, and approaching her final semester in January. And I must admit that I am concerned that she will always keep her work to herself like her own private little treasure.  I am bothered because I want to own the work of Catherine Roach.  And, I believe that is the highest compliment any viewer can give any artist.

I was walking and talking so fast by Featured Artist Catherine Roach!

I am a fan of taking medicine with a spoonful of sugar. Catherine, thank you for the sweet surprise.  Thank you for letting me publish just a little glimpse.  

I am inspired.

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  1. January 17, 2011

    Congratulations Catherine! I really enjoy your work.

  2. January 17, 2011

    James, I want to tell you that your kindness and generosity to both YOUR loyal fans and your artist peers is unprecedented. You and Catherine share a bright, shiny joy of life that probably led me to choose both of you over the course of the past year. I encourage all of Catherine Roach’s fans to take a look at your work. James Melcher, you are a phenomenal talent, a kind soul and make this world a better place. Thank you! — R.L. Gibson, Editor

  3. Chris Wozniak permalink
    October 31, 2014

    This site should be famous among all people, due to this article alone.

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