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ARTIST TIP: Marketing & The Artist

2009 October 10

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Don't just make lemonade, make mojitos!I receive forwards of shows and calls and artist tips on a regular basis.  Some are wonderful; some are too basic to pass along.  I try to filter them to offer the best and brightest to you because I know how busy you are.

A few days ago, I received a list of press contacts of reporters searching for subjects to interview from my friend and Austin-based writer Dean Lofton.  Among them was The Abundant Artist.  I knew instantly upon reading the tagline “dispelling the starving artist myth” that we were like-minded. 

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At the heart of The Abundant Artist is an opportunity to pay for an art marketing consultant.  And, while you may or may not be ready for that step, I recommend that you subscribe to the weekly email newsletter.Visit Ann Rae's Blog! 

I subscribed, and in my introductory email was offered an interview with Ann Rae, a California painter know for both her vineyard paintings and phenomenal success through unique marketing strategy. 

You’ll need the password to hear the interview, so sign up for the email list today.  It is worth it.  I promise.  If you are one of those artists that bristle at the idea of marketing your artwork or thinking of your artwork as a business opportunity–don’t visit this site…You won’t like what you hear.  You should stay home and muse to yourself about being under-appreciated.

Lesson learned?  Find your voice.  I’ve found my voice.  How ’bout you? is a free service–forever and always. But clicking on a sponsor’s ad can help you find additional Art Deadlines and help this service remain free. I’ve filtered the ads so they are mostly about art. I hope you find something intriguing! Thanks for your support!

2 Responses
  1. October 10, 2009

    Thanks for the mention! We definitely are of like mind, R.L.

    One thing I’ll say to those artists who don’t like to think of your art as a business, then you absolutely SHOULD listen to the Ann Rea interview. She may change your mind.

  2. October 11, 2009

    I’m glad you approve, Cory. I find that some folks WANT to be perceived as under-appreciated and misunderstood…it is part of their perception of what an artist is. They often come out of art school BELIEVING they can’t make a living. Sad.

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